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We offer a wide range of fabrication services related to aluminium. You can check out all the services that we offer below.

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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a popular option for homes and offices because they save space and are easy to open and close. While most people think of traditional sliding glass doors, there are now many different types of sliding doors that can be used in a variety of applications. One popular type of sliding door is the aluminum sliding door, which is strong, weatherproof, and affordable. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of aluminum sliding doors and show you how to choose the right one for your home or office. There are a few factors to choosing when purchasing aluminum sliding doors. The first is the environment in which you live. If you experience a lot of cold weather, you’ll need an aluminum sliding door that is thermal-insulated and can effectively keep the cold out. The style of your home is the second factor to consider. You want a door that complements your house rather than detracts from it. Finally, you’ll need to think about the size of the door and how it will fit into your existing space. Price is 600 per Sq. Ft. 

Hinge Door

Hinge Door

There are several varieties
of aluminum hinge doors available on the market. The in-swing and out-swing are
the most prevalent. In-swing doors open into the room and are hinged on the
inside of the house. Out-swing doors open away from the room and are hinged on
the outside of the house. Commercial aluminum hinge doors, which are often
out-swing, are also available. Aluminum hinge doors are available in a range
of styles, allowing you to choose the right match for your home. They’re also
easy to set up, so you’ll be up and running immediately. It might be a normal
hinged door with a 9mm board or an Acp door depending on the situation. The hinge Door
costs 600 per square foot.

Sliding Windows

A sliding window is a type of window that can be moved up and down. They are often used in conjunction with other windows to let in more light or to provide a better view. A sliding window is often used with other windows to allow light into the room or to see out of the room. The best way to install a sliding window is to use the sill as a guide for where the window will be installed. The sill is the bottom of the frame that holds the window in place. Some people prefer installing their windows horizontally, but many others like installing them vertically because it gives them more space and it’s easier to clean. Sliding windows can be divided in 2 panels, 3 panel 4 panel. this paneling is done with respect to the size and dimension of the windows. It’s important to make sure that you have enough room on both sides of your window and that there is nothing blocking your view. sliding windows are a great way to add luxury and style to your home. They can also save you money on air conditioning because they allow for natural ventilation And cooler temperatures. Sliding windows are a great way to add luxury and style to your home. The Price of windows are 600 per sqft.(Depends on thickness and Design)

fixed window

Fixed Windows

Windows are an important component of every
home. They allow for natural light and ventilation while also acting as a
significant source of insulation. Fixed aluminium windows are one of the many
window solutions available to homeowners. There are several reasons why you
might choose to install fixed aluminium windows in your home. Perhaps you are
looking for an improvement in your home’s security, or you want a more
energy-efficient way to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
Whatever the reason, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of this type
of window installation before making a decision. Fixed aluminium windows have
the advantage of being extremely sturdy and long-lasting. They are also
weatherproof, meaning they will keep out the wind and rain while still allowing
natural light into your home. The price of this type of Aluminium window is 425
Per Sq.ft.

Fixed Windows

Casement Windows

There are many benefits of installing aluminium casement windows in your home. Some of these benefits include increased security, insulation, and energy efficiency. Window replacement is a big decision. Not only is it a costly project, but it also requires a lot of time and effort. So, it’s important to make sure you’re making the right choice for your home. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to replace your windows, consider the benefits of installing aluminium casement windows.

 The main pro of aluminium casement windows is that they are extremely energy efficient. They’re also tough and can survive the harsh environment. However, they can be quite expensive, and some homeowners have complained about the noise they make when opened and closed. On Addition, we cannot add mosquito net in casement windows and if we put an iron grill in front of windows it is a little difficult to use also. As the casement windows need double frames so it is costly. Its price is about 700 per sq. ft



An aluminum office partition is a type of office divider that is made from aluminum. They are often used by companies to divide and separate spaces. Aluminum office partitions are often used in offices to separate different parts of the room, like a cubicle or meeting space. They can also be utilized to make individual desks more private. Aluminum office partitions are sturdy, and the thinness keeps them from blocking the view from behind.Aluminum office partitions can be fixed at heights of to by anchoring them to the floor or ceiling. If you anchor them to the ceiling, there is no need for interior supports. This will prevent the aluminum partition from crushing small office furniture, like desks and chairs. The smoothness of aluminum makes it safe to use in hospitals where sharps and other injuries are prohibited

structure glazing

Structure Glazing

 Structural glazing is most suitable for high-rise buildings requiring a huge quantity of glazing. Initially, a detailed site survey is conducted. Based on that, MS/SS/Aluminium brackets are anchored to the columns/slabs. Then the complete unit is fully fabricated at the factory which is bonded to the brackets later. This system does require scaffolding for installation. Installation of the panels is done using a Safety Belt. 80% of the work is done at the factory and only 20% of the task is done on-site. Structural glazing is most suitable for high-rise buildings requiring a huge quantity of glazing. Structural glazing comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, it is cheaper than other types of glazing. This type of glass has the ability to withstand high winds and strong earthquakes which makes them perfect for high-rise buildings. They are also not as heavy as other types of glass which makes them easier to maintain and less likely to break during an earthquake or windstorm.

Acp cladding

ACP Cladding

In today’s construction industry, aluminum composite panel, often known as ACP cladding, is the most used building material. ACP will deal with advanced structures, whether they be business, private, institutional, or medical clinics. It is far superior to paintings since it offers various advantages over paints. ACP Cladding, or Aluminium Composite Panels sheets, have strong physical qualities that make them ideal for use as a façade cladding material. Longevity should be one of the most important characteristics of any cladding material. Aluminium Composite Panels are one such material that can withstand all types of adverse weather conditions, including rain, sun, and storms. The ACP Cladding is such a long-lasting panel that it will not need to be replaced even after many years. The ACP Cladding is such a long-lasting panel that it will not need to be replaced even after several years, making it the greatest choice for builders. When you get this at a cheap price, you receive the best value for money, as well as other important attributes like longevity, weather and fire resistance, and ease of installation. One of the main reasons why ACP cladding is preferred for building exteriors is its ease of installation. It is simple or unchallenging to demand a large number of resources. They are ideal cladding solutions for both external and interior surfaces, whether in new construction or renovation

glass door

Glass door

Glass factory’s professionals create tempered glass, which is a sort of toughened glass. Tempered glass, unlike conventional glass, is extremely resistant to stress and damage, as well as being extremely difficult to break. If it does break, however, it will not shatter into the jagged shards and sharp splinters as normal glass does. Tempered glass, on the other hand, fractures into small, spherical or cube-shaped fragments due to its distinctive stress patterns. Tempered glass is significantly less harmful than other forms of glass because it lacks sharp edges or points, earning it the moniker “safety glass.” Tempered glass doors are perfect for usage as office glass doors or house interior glass doors. Tempered glass doors are a great option because they can be built to any specification. Tempered glass doors are a lot safer option than any other sort of glass, and they can be built to any standard. They’re an ideal choice for a variety of interior glass door applications. A design, logo, or pattern can be added to your glass door to give it that extra personal touch. These custom glass doors are ideal for making a room appear larger and more open. As a result, more light can travel through, making the space feel lighter and more open.

toughened fixed glass

Toughen Fixed

It is installation of fixed glass in front of show rooms.

shower cabinet

Shower Cabin

It is used to save Water From Spilling Around and The bathroom looks quite organized.

Glass railing

Glass Railing

It included Glass With Stand, Spigot, Stud etc.

Sliding Doors

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